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 Effect of Quantumizer treatment on the rate of sugar conversion to alcohol


2) Effect of Quantumizer on Titratable Acidity & pH of two varietals of wine


Brix: A measurement of the sugar content of grapes, must and wine indicating the degree of the grape's ripeness (meaning sugar level) at harvest. Most table wine grapes are harvested at between 21 and 25 Brix. To get an alcohol conversion  level, multiply the states Brix by .55.

Balling:The Balling scale is used to measure the amount of dissolved solids in grape juice, and therefore gives an indication of the amount of sugar in the juice. 

Ash: Ash being defined as the inorganic matter that remains after evaporation and incineration. On the average about 2.5 g/L of ash are found in wine. Cation (positively-charged ion) content: most of the ash falls into this class and includes potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, lead, arsenic, etc. Trace minerals are inclusive of anything that can be found in natural soil, e.g. aluminum, barium, cadmium, etc.

The chemical analysis of the wine in the above table shows that the titratable acidity of treated Cabernet Sauvignon (Treated) is lower than the non-treated control while its pH is higher.  Both improve the desirable quality of red Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

The above chemical analysis table also shows that the acidity of treated Chardonnay (Treated) is not much different than the non-treated control (BCC control). However, the pH is higher thereby improving the desirable quality of the Chardonnay wine.



Taste Testing Quantumized vs Untreated O

The two bottles of liquid are identical, each is exactly half of a whole mixture of 16 oz. of distilled water which had 1 drop of ivory dish-washing soap added, and was thoroughly and uniformly mixed. They were agitated together exactly the same, then were allowed to sit in a 72 ⁰F room in the dark side by side. After about 24 hrs., the results in the above picture demonstrated a remarkable difference. This experiment was run many times and the results are always the same. The bottle on the left is the untreated bottle and the bottle on the right is the treated bottle. The treated bottle always had less foam/suds and of a different size and character, then the untreated bottles contents.

 We have run similar experiments with carbonated beverages and time after time the treated beverage had less bubbles escaping after being poured and allowed to just sit there in its glass, and the bubbles were of a different size and character along with the reduced volume. After sitting for 45 minutes or so, upon tasting the two carbonated beverages, there was a decisive difference, the treated one still had a lively taste while the untreated one was completely flat.

At the top of this page the data in the first table showing the results of the fermentation of sugar is quite impressive and will be very useful to any industry that depends upon enhanced growth and increased yields of desirable bio-engineered substances. Industries such as the vast alcoholic beverage products industry, cell growth enhancements for alternate energy algae fuel production. In the bio-medical field of specialty cell production such as stem cell, CAR-T, or in the growth and preparation of the useful antibodies, antigens, and vaccines needed to deal with Pandemics such as the current Corona COVID-19 virus.

A theory that has some merit suggests that the Quantumizer effect along with slowing electrons down, may also change the hydrogen/oxygen bond angle and position in molecules, which causes the changes that allow for nutrients and gases to pass through the various osmotic membranes of cells easier and more efficiently. This has been demonstrated in the several fermentation tests we have run, each time the treated liquid out preformed the untreated liquid in all the desirable aspects of the fermentation process. It always increased the activity, yield and end point desired product. So using this technology to treat various growth media used for cell production will probably accomplish the same results as seen in the yeast cell activity and thereby increase the end product in less time and higher yields.

These are just a few of the many other as yet to be discovered applications for the Quantumizer  effect, which utilizes Tesla Technology to change and improve the desirable qualities of every product treated, truly Making the Best Even Better.

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