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The consumer market device is a unit that is capable of treating small containers holding any type of consumable substances, liquid or solid. Available online, contact us for pricing and options.


The industrial/commercial market device unit is capable of treating very large quantities of liquid or solid substances. Rack mounted modules (containing multitudes of longitudinal [scalar] wave emitter arrays) allow for flexible sizing based on required throughput and processing mix and schedule. The 50+ gallon single barrel system is portable, requiring no installation and can treat your containers where ever they are located. Standard 50 gallon units start at $4,000 and custom larger units are available to suit your requirements, contact us for pricing and options.





Just about all consumable products could be treated by the Quantumizer effect, which utilizes Tesla Technology to change and improve the desirable qualities of every product treated, truly Making the Best Even Better. Contact us for availability and pricing.

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