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The QUANTUMIZER effect is a new and revolutionary process that is used to treat just about any consumable substance/beverages and thereby improving the desirable characteristics of most of these substances. Most consumable product characteristics are of a subjective nature and dependent on individual taste preferences, which is why we have such a diversity of consumable products. However, the overwhelming results of our studies and the taste/sensory tests that we have extensively conducted, have demonstrated that most people prefer the QUANTUMIZED products over the exact same untreated products. The effect seems to penetrate most commonly used packaging materials such as glass, plastic, paper, and metal containers, so there is no need to open or repackage any products insuring and maintaining their original integrity and sterility.


The type of electromagnetic wave forms utilized in the QUANTUMIZER device have been known ever since James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics, formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, way back in the 1860’s. This theory unified magnetism, electricity, and light as manifestations of the same phenomena, now defined as electromagnetism. In this theory he predicted the existence of two types of electromagnetic wave forms, transverse and longitudinal. Transverse waves are always characterized by particle motion being perpendicular to wave motion. A longitudinal wave is a wave in which particles of the medium move in a direction parallel to the direction that the wave moves.

                                                            See the diagram below.


The direction of motion of individual particles of a medium is the same as the direction of vibration of the source of the disturbance (the hand motion in the diagram).

However, in 1881 Oliver Heaviside replaced Maxwell’s electromagnetic potential field by “force fields” as the centerpiece of electromagnetic theory. Heaviside reduced the complexity of James Clerk Maxwell’s theory down to four differential equations, known now collectively as Maxwell’s Laws or Maxwell’s equations. According to Heaviside, the electromagnetic potential field was arbitrary and therefore needed to be “ignored.” This resulted in the complete removal of the aspect of longitudinal waves, sometimes referred to as scalar waves. Nikola Tesla rediscovered longitudinal waves around 1880 (Tesla referred to them as “radiant energy”). The QUANTUMIZER utilizes longitudinal waves to effect changes in the quality of the desirable properties of most beverages and food.


The theory of electron and molecular relaxation

Usually the molecules and the electrons of the substance that is being treated are in constant state of chaos and randomly alter their directions due to collisions with each other. As a result of the use of the cross flux longitudinal/scalar waves (created by the QUANTUMIZER), the electrons of the molecules of the substance being treated are continually and uniformly damped by the modulated electromagnetic field created by the device. Consequently, the erratic movement of the electrons is constrained, their velocities are lowered and their collision frequency is diminished thereby causing them to relax.

In the externally-introduced, modulated electromagnetic field of the QUANTUMIZER, the axially moving electron is forced to develop an electric field gradient at right angles to its axial movement (on the average). The net effect of the longitudinal/scalar electromagnetic field produced by  the QUANTUMIZER, is to induce damping and “magnetic braking” of the electrons and thereby causing damping of their fields. The Quantumizer relaxes the state of the electrons in the molecules of almost any substance, which allows them to return to their most optimum state. This optimized state is responsible for the improvements users experience when they are using the products treated with the Quantumizer!

The Drude model of electrical conduction was proposed in 1900 by Paul Drude to explain the transport properties of electrons in materials (especially metals). The model, which is an application of kinetic theory, assumes that the microscopic behavior of electrons in a solid may be treated classically and looks much like a pachinko or pinball machine, with a sea of constantly agitated jittering electrons bouncing and re-bouncing off heavier, relatively immobile positive ions. Treating the Drude electron gas model as applicable, and assuming each electron is independent of the rest, damped harmonic oscillator equations show the result for the relaxation. This reduction in electron activity is what is responsible for the alteration of taste and character of the substances being treated. Essentially it causes a more ordered, harmonious condition rather than the random, chaotic state it unnaturally and usually exists in, after processing and handling. It is analogous to the difference between coherent and non-coherent light, an orderly and non-orderly condition.

All of the above technical literature attempts to explain how the Quantumizer effect, which utilizes Tesla Technology to change and improve the desirable qualities of every product treated, truly can Make the Best Even Better.


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