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Subjective sensory and taste testing of wine treated with the Quantumizer by a wine master, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and their testimonials.

Deepak Nathani, M.D. –Treated Estrella Cabernet Sauvignon is less bitter, sweeter, less tart and less fragrance, than the untreated wine.

Dolores C. Davis, Communication Coach – Treated Gallo Family Chardonnay was smoother, less acidic and less tannin, than the untreated wine.

T. L. Keller, Non-fiction Author – Treated Gallo Family Chardonnay is smoother and nice after taste without any bitterness, better than the untreated wine.

Tom Martin, Former VP of Christian Brothers and Seagram – Treated Châteauneuf- du-Pape tasted definitely aged, fruitier and more body.  It tasted much better than the non-treated one and was smoother, better bouquet and very nice nose. 

Tom Martin, Former VP of Christian Brothers and Seagram – Treated Gallo Family Cabernet Sauvignon tasted as more aged, more body, less perfume.  Also treated Gallo Family Chardonnay was amazingly smoother, aged and better tasting.

Jessica De Franco, Tasting Room Sales Associate, Foley Johnson Family Wines – Treated Gallo Family Cabernet Sauvignon was smoother, softer aroma, longer soft finish and less tannic.  Treated Gallo Family Chardonnay has subtle aroma, less tannic and smoother finish, than the untreated wine.

Jessica De Franco, Tasting Room Sales Associate, Foley Johnson Family Wines – Treated Foley Johnson Handmade Red Wine, Santa Ynez Valley (MSRP: $65) was smoother, subtler aroma, less tannic and also smoother finish, than the untreated wine.

Tom Koll, Licensed Contractor I have had the unique privilege of in home testing of the Quantumizer for about 3 years. It’s truly amazing!

I'm a caretaker for a 76 year old veteran (Bob) with stage 4 lung cancer, with little or no appetite or taste due to radiation, chemotherapy and other treatment negative side effects. He was losing weight at a dangerous rate. The Quantumizer improved the taste and smoothed out his high caloric and tart drinks, it removed the bitterness. It made his CBD and THC oil all around better. It removed the harsh taste and made it smooth and seemed to kick up potency and fragrance by 20 to 25%. It seemed to do the same with vape oil. It also did the same to all smoke-able products.

It makes all drinks including alcohol drinks so much better. It seems almost everything I put in it is just better. It’s very true, it takes the Best and Makes it Better. It seems to just maximize every product. I have had 2 Quantumizers running 24/7 for the last three years with no problems. Bob is beating the cancer and holding his weight, probably mostly due to the use of Quantumizer 

treated products.

I've known Terry Wolf the inventor of the Quantumizer for about 15 years and he is a real true  pioneer, in many fields. You or someone you love probably has already been helped or had their life saved by one of the many of his amazing medical devices, which have been used in most of the better clinics & hospitals throughout the world. He holds many patents in and out of the medical device field. I believe the Quantumizer will change our world in ways I can hardly even begin to imagine.  


Taste Testing Quantumized vs Untreated O

All of the above listed testimonials demonstrate the effectiveness of the Quantumizer effect, which utilizes Tesla Technology to change and improve the desirable qualities of every product treated, truly Making the Best Even Better.

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